Priority. Not PrioriTIES.


It’s the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse… (at least, there’d better not be any mice, stirring or not!) And…ok, “not stirring” might be a stretch, since I’m writing beside the crackling gas fire and my delightful daughter is reading (she’s seven now but that she can truly read still amazes me). Bottom line, it’s quiet. A very Continue Reading

How Much is Enough?


Last month I learned that a gentleman I work with recently had a heart attack after an incredibly busy, stress-filled month. The doctor said it was truly caused by stress. (He did survive, thankfully!) It’s just not worth it. As I shared with you in this post, actually enjoying the life you’re living is very important to me. It can be hard to balance, whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur Continue Reading

If You Speak, You Should SCORRE

I could talk about it in my sleep. I knew the content inside and out and had discussed it countless times in my day to day job. That night though, I was terribly nervous. With clammy hands, a sick feeling in my stomach and my heart racing, I stepped up to present my five-minute speech to my small group. It was over three minutes later. I'd survived (the eight people in my small audience did Continue Reading

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Summer Fun

Two weeks from today I’ll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Biz Farmer. Lately I’ve been struggling a lot as to what to do with Biz Farmer, because my new corporate job has threatened to consume everything. (Note: This is not a complaint. I love my day-job, it’s an incredible opportunity and I do enjoy it. I am blessed). The reality is though that I’m adjusting to the Continue Reading

Can You Sell Me This Pen?

The Wolf of Wall Street

Last week I took some time off to spend spring break with my little kindergartner (why don’t we grown-ups get a mandatory spring break too? Think about how much good it would provide towards the mental health of our country!) Anyway, my husband and I took the time to enjoy a much overdue movie night. We chose The Wolf of Wall Street despite its daunting three-hour length, because it looked Continue Reading

MVPs or Worker Bees?


Tonight as I fly home from an all-day training session, during which I also registered for a four-day training event later this year, I'm grateful for my opportunity, sad for those that don't get the same benefit, and frustrated over the many businesses that just don't get it. I’ve had the good fortune to work not only for companies that truly value their employees, but for managers who invest Continue Reading