What a Duck Hunter Knows About Marketing That You Don’t

It’s a crisp fall morning. The sun is just peeking over the foothills and you’re headed out to the lake, black coffee in your Thermos, ready to shoot some ducks. You set up your decoys, dig in to your blind and start calling the birds in.

image courtesy Fowl Rain LLC

….here they come!

You point your gun into the sky and start firing randomly.

How d’ya think that’s gonna work out for you?

I’m no duck hunter (or anything-hunter) but my hubby is. And what he’ll tell you about hunting ducks is what you and I both need to CONSTANTLY revisit in our business.

Why You Should Charge More Than You Think

A Review of Dan Ariely's Book, Predictably Irrational

Why would a headache persist after you took a one-cent aspirin but disappear when you took a fifty-cent aspirin? When you come across a new product, do you accept the first price that you’re presented with? Whether you say yes or no…does that first price you saw have a long-term effect on your willingness to pay for the product in the future?

shutterstock_118213816-how to choose-1200w

These are some of the many questions answered in a fascinating book I just finished, Predictably Irrational. The author poses the question:

When it comes to making decisions in our lives, we think we’re making smart, rational choices. But are we?

The answer will surprise you, because it’s not as easy as a simple yes or no. And there are many ways these findings could affect your business.

Two Steps to Defeat Superhero Syndrome

Because You Can't Actually Do It All

Over the last week, the responses to my annual reader survey have been piling in. It makes me smile to read the responses to “what are you most proud of in your business?” It’s also been interesting to see what your biggest challenges are in your business. A common reply is that it’s just really hard to do it all by yourself. This doesn’t surprise me at all; it’s something I’ve personally experienced and seen many, many others struggle with too. And while I’d say there’s no silver bullet to instantly solve this, there are some things we each need to recognize and take action upon.


The reality is you simply can’t do it all…and grow.

There’s a reason the saying goes, “jack of all trades and master of none.” It’s impossible to do it all. So where do you start?

FREEDOM – Does It Really Matter?

As those of us here in the U.S. get ready to celebrate Independence Day, I have a challenge for you. But first, I must say…if you or your loved ones have or are serving to protect our country…THANK YOU! We are truly blessed to live in this country and I’m glad we get to celebrate this weekend.

freedom_shutterstock_285854807_cropped 1200w

Freedom is a gift. We should not take it for granted, and we must be sure to use it wisely.

But in a sense, many of us aren’t free. We’re slaves to our job, business, kids’ sports schedules, our phones, perhaps TV shows…and probably a lot more, but you get the idea. These other things have taken hold and been granted ownership over our lives. We’re left spinning in the pursuit of everything, barely able to catch a breath. Even our vacations are so full that we typically need a vacation to recover from the last one.

Have you noticed that anymore, being “busy” is often celebrated as a sign of importance?

How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward

Turning Your Goals into Actionable Steps

Last week we talked about the importance of a midyear review and taking time to reflect on the year to date, as well as what you want to accomplish in the remaining half of this year. From that, you should have identified some goals for the next three to six months. But how do you actually take the next step to make it happen?

the way forward

Do you know how to eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Maybe you’ve heard that old saying before but it’s easy to forget when you’re trying to accomplish new goals while keeping up with the day-to-day demands of your business and life.

Consider someone brand-new to running, who has set a goal of running a marathon. Whether or not you’re a runner, you know that they’ll need a training plan…and it’s probably going to start with running one mile (or a half)…but certainly not 26.


Whatever your goal may be, you’ve got to take it and turn it into small “bites.” So today, let’s get really practical and look at four steps that will help you get where you want to go in the next three months.

Will 2015 Be Better Than 2014?

Today I’m going to share with you a practice that we did very well in the corporate world, but that most small business owners don’t make time for. But it’s critical to the growth of your business. So…slow down for just a minute, watch this video…and really think about this.

Mid-Year-Review Thumbnail 1200w

The Roadmap to Get Your Business Out There

There’s a recurring theme I hear frequently when talking with people who have a business, or have a great idea and want to start a business. Whether they want more customers, more sales, or simply to launch, it tends to sound something like, “I have so much to do,” “I don’t know where to start,” and “How do I get it out there?”


I’m a big fan of roadmaps; it’s how I think. What are the steps to take to get from where I am today to where I want to be? After creating a partner development roadmap (that is living far beyond my time at Microsoft), I started thinking about what my roadmap would look like for BizFarmer, or really any business. I’ve been working on this for a while, and had just about decided it was probably something that you would find helpful too.

And then last Saturday, a dear friend was expressing her frustration with not making the shift in her business that she wants to make, because she just can’t visualize exactly how it looks. She said to me, “I need a roadmap.” (Ok, message received!)

So this is for you if you’ve ever had thoughts similar to the people I mentioned earlier. Are you ready to get your business out there?