Why I Quit My Dream Job


On a Sunday evening in July 2006, I boarded a red-eye flight to Boston, where the following day I would officially begin work for the Microsoft Financing program. There was no better way to start than jumping in with both feet at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, with some 15k-ish partners and Microsoft employees in attendance. […]

Valentine’s Day Nonsense…and the Promo Planning You Should Be Doing Right Now

Valentine Day

My spam folder has blown up this week. Just about every company is eagerly sharing with me all of their Valentine’s Specials (and if it’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s President’s Day). On one hand, I totally get it. They’re being relevant to what is probably on a lot of people’s minds right now. I heard […]

What I’m Reading Now

What I'm Reading Now

Somehow I’ve devoured four books in the last three weeks…and there’s a favorite from last month that you need to know about. I’ve already mentioned them on multiple occasions to more than one friend, so I thought you might find them interesting as well. They’re not all business-related, but then, life isn’t! In no particular […]

My Most Memorable Birthday Gift…And How You Can Delight Your Customers, Too


Last Thursday was my birthday. It was a day unlike many prior birthdays, where typically I’d have a quiet personal day of pampering, rest and time with my husband and kids. Instead, with my spry almost-80 year old grandpa in town, our house was the stomping grounds for a day-long celebration with ALL of my […]

Amazing New Year

As we wrapped up the year, I was excited to send my Biz Farmer friends a quick recap and sneak peek into the coming year. At the same time, I realized they might also benefit from seeing the process I’ve recently gone through, to review the year as well as dream big and plan for the new year. It’s not exactly related to growing your business, although it’s part of it…but intentional living is important to me as well as (maybe more so) than intentional business growth.

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Happy New Year!