3 Steps to End the Year Strong

Because It's Really Not Over Yet!

Early last week at my local mastermind meeting, we were bemoaning the fact that the holidays were “just around the corner.” For the love, Costco already has all their Christmas stuff out! (I’d be willing to bet you’ve had a similar conversation recently.) But then I went back to my office and came across a coaching video for one of the programs I’ve joined. And I was given the timely reminder that the year’s not over yet.

There’s still a quarter left.

Almost a full 90 days.

You can do a LOT in that length of time.

Such a good reminder. I immediately challenged my masterminders to revisit their goals for this year, hubby and I did as well, and I want to see you do the same.

Here are three steps to make the most of what’s left of 2015:

#1 Identify Your SMARTER Goal(s)

You may have heard about SMART goals, but I bet SMARTER is new to you! It was for me too; Michael Hyatt introduces it in his excellent goal-setting course. Be sure that your goals are:

  • Specific: vs general. Not “get in shape” but “lose 10 lbs.”
  • Measurable: answer, “how will I know when it’s accomplished?”
  • Actionable: lead with an action verb vs ‘to-be” wording. For example, not “to be smarter” but “learn a new language.”
  • Realistic: out of your comfort zone, but not unattainable
  • Time-Bound: identify a deadline
  • Exciting: personally compelling for you
  • Relevant: appropriate to the season you’re in; e.g. as a working mom, I probably wouldn’t set the same fitness goal as my single little sister

#2 Make an Actionable Plan

Do you know how to eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

When your goal looks like an elephant, you apply the same principle.

Identify all the things you need to do, to achieve your goal. Now you’ve taken that huge elephant and turned it into manageable bites. Prioritize the things you need to do and schedule it.

(For more detailed steps on this piece of it, check out this post on getting unstuck and moving forward.)

#3 Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s all well and good to identify your goals, but if you don’t follow-through, it’s all for nothing. How are you going to be sure that you stick with it?

Schedule it.

Actually put the time on your calendar to first, take action against your goals. But you also need to schedule time to review your progress, so get that on the calendar, too.

It’s rocket science, I know.

If I had a dollar for everything I’ve discovered that’s SIMPLE in concept but NOT easy in application….well, I’d be writing this email from the beach today. Or more likely, my own cabin in the mountains…fall’s gorgeous up there. Anyway…

You have an entire quarter left. What are you going to do with it?

If you do nothing else after reading this, at least make time for the three simple steps above.

But I have another recommendation.

Why don’t you also join us in The Boardroom?

Our Members in there are taking focused next steps to do something significant…over the next few days, weeks and months. I’m even starting to see some annual plans. Woot!

They’re finding clarity, momentum, encouragement and guidance to grow their business.

You can click here for all the juicy details on what that looks like.

I’d really love to see you in The Boardroom.

But either way…at least go make time to revisit your goals for the rest of 2015. You can still do so much!

To momentum and your next right steps…


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