You’re BRILLIANT at what you do, but you’re struggling with selling your expertise to others. And you have SO much to do, it’s hard to know where to focus to really move your business forward.

That’s why I’m here. I’ll help you get your fabulous offerings out there, to build a  (profitable) business you LOVE, that supports a life you ENJOY. (Because otherwise…what’s the point?)

I’m Angela Moore, The BizFarmer, and I’m excited about helping you intentionally grow your business.

I grew up raising sheep, growing crops and building the family business. I eagerly left the farm for college and the shiny corporate world where I’ve enjoyed nearly fifteen fantastic, successful years (more details below). After seeing countless local small businesses struggling, I couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer. Now I’m taking my strengths and expertise to help you intentionally make the most of your opportunities.

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“Helped Our Business Grow Significantly”

Angela has been a tremendous asset to our business relationship. Over this time she has been able to our help our business grow significantly. Angela developed a business plan, executed against it and as result, built a very solid partnership between SoftwareONE and Microsoft. She is a pleasure to work with and her commitment to our success is second to none.

– Peter Ells, SoftwareONE

“An Extremely Valuable Business Partner”

I enjoyed Angela’s commitment to excellence and her dedication to ensure that what we developed was implemented to deliver strong business results. Her open and collaborative work style, coupled with her deep business development expertise makes her an incredibly valuable business partner.

– Michelle Evans, Microsoft

“Forward-Thinking Approach”

Angela’s forward thinking approach has allowed us to not only grow our current partner network, but also the program as a whole. She was able to identify the needs, develop a clear strategy, and deliver on that strategy.

– John Bain, PNC Bank

“Indispensable in My Book”

I have worked with Angela for over five years and she is by far one of my favorite people to work with in this business. Angela is very keen in understanding the different dynamics between our companies and has worked closely to help grow the relationship and our mutual success. I always know Angela listens and I can’t stress enough how important that is. Angela is focused on how do we build better value for all parties involved and that makes her indispensable in my book.

– Ed Urbanek, CDW


It all started with some sheep…

My corporate colleagues are usually surprised to learn that I grew up on a farm. We had sheep, chickens and a huge garden – and all the chores that come with it, of which there are a LOT! I learned to work hard and think smart. It was fun! Yes, we tried to ride the sheep (you fall off every time). Yes, I was in 4H – but not for long. It’s a great program with lots of opportunity but after spending a season raising and training my pet sheep…I had to sell it for slaughter??? Ribbon or not, that only happened once.

…and pumpkins

You know how some kids build a lemonade stand? When I was 10, my little sis and I ran a (successful) pumpkin stand! The huge garden turned into a produce farm and I had the unique opportunity to be part of growing our family business. That entrepreneurial spirit has been part of me ever since.

Off to the big city…

IMG_9802 LI3

After working my way through college and getting married, I left the farm for the shiny corporate world in Seattle.  For all of the details, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile. Here’s the quick recap: I loved my job(s). After a few successful years in banking, I joined the Microsoft Financing program to manage the Southwest region. After developing it into a successful territory, I scoped and built out our multi-million dollar national partner program.  The program changed providers and I transitioned to PNC Bank, where I continued managing our partners in the Microsoft Financing program, and was also asked to help build new programs with other large tech corporations. Then I got the opportunity of a lifetime and formally joined Microsoft with responsibilities for business development (of the financing program) throughout our North America teams and partners.

I never would’ve dreamed I’d see this kind of success and I know I’m blessed. But it isn’t just luck: I work really hard, and care about those I work with and our mutual success. And I’ve learned that I am very good at identifying opportunities, making plans to capture the opportunity and then following through to execution.

Resetting priorities….

Our precious daughter was born in Seattle, prompting our return to Idaho to be closer to family – where our sweet boy joined us after a few years. My success in Seattle allowed me to continue in my same role but from home, in Idaho. Having kids has made me become very efficient with my time. Even with an incredible job, I have better things to do than work all day! (I hope to share these strategies with you because I firmly believe we are not on this planet to work all the time.)

An opportunity to help

In Idaho, I began noticing a need in the local community. Friends, family and even businesses I frequented were struggling. They were great at what they do but they weren’t making the money they wanted to and they were working ALL the time. Some didn’t see the opportunity in front of them, others didn’t know how to take advantage of it, and others simply didn’t follow through with the right systems to execute.

I can’t sit on the sidelines when I know I can help – and with that, I started BizFarmer. (You can read the long version of why I quit my dream job right here).

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I look forward to connecting with you! ~ Angela


  •  My two precious kids and their handsome, hilarious daddy are my life. They come first, always.
  • I’m a recovering perfectionist, but striving for excellence is still a must.
  • I’m super-sick of “busy.” What are we killing ourselves for anyway?
  • I love to run. It clears my head and inspires me. And lets me eat more chocolate.
  • Jeans and sweatshirts are my favorite.
  • When it’s time to unwind, I need a book. David Baldacci, John Grisham and Tom Clancy have written most of my favorites. Karen Kingsbury is my go-to for mushy and inspirational vegging.

And if that’s not enough…and you’re curious as to what really matters to me in my business…come on over and check out my manifesto!


Angela Moore is the go-to business development and marketing strategist for local, community-oriented small business owners. She founded BizFarmer after nearly fifteen successful years building multi-million dollar programs with Fortune 200 companies including most recently, Microsoft and PNC Financial Services. Now Angela offers her strengths and expertise to help small business owners build a profitable business they love, that supports a life they enjoy.

When she’s not developing go-to-market plans with her clients, she’s enjoying life with her two young children and entrepreneur husband, out on a run or putting her talents to work in her local church. Check out her tips for intentional business growth at