Why My Hubby Has to Bach’ It

One Secret to Getting More Done

Yesterday one of my clients stopped by my office to bounce some ideas off me. Probably much like you, he has a lot of great ideas and this one was no different. But the direction I gave him is going to be very true for you, as well. I explained, “You’re going to have to bach it.” He looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes and said, “Honey, I don’t want a divorce!”

Yes, you guessed it, the “client” is my hubby. (He’s my favorite client!) And, yes, he likes to mess with me so I’m (fairly) certain he knew I wasn’t talking about him becoming a bachelor.

Nonetheless, it’s important that both he and you figure out this concept of “batching.” It will help you get so much more done.

A little background…

This fall we launched the dream Ken’s had for some time and it’s off to a great start. But like all small businesses, there’s a LOT that falls on his shoulders. There’s way more to it than even BizFarmer because he’s actually designing and selling tangible products….hunting gear, shirts, hats, and the like.

{Shameless plug: If you, or someone in your family, likes to hunt birds you’ve got to check him out at www.FowlRain.com, and be sure to join the fun they have on Facebook.}

Ken has blog posts to write, videos to shoot, products to design, and an entire assortment of miscellaneous things to run the business.

You get it!

So what do I mean by batching? 

The definition of “batch” is “to arrange things in sets or groups.”

And that’s what I want Ken (and you) to do with your work.

Arrange your work into a related group, and knock it all out at once.

You’ll get a lot more done…and odds are, it’ll be higher quality work, too.

Don’t start your day by updating your Facebook page, then try to write an article, pause to check your email, and then chase the great idea you had for optimizing your website.

Instead, schedule a block of time and do similar tasks together.

Write out a few articles at once. Or write and schedule a slew of Facebook posts in advance. Get in, process all of your email, and then get (and stay) out of your inbox. Carve out a block of time for strategic thinking and planning.

What do you do with all those random, little yet important tasks that don’t really go with anything else?

Batch them all together.

The concept of batching is reflected in Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan’s strategy of having Free, Focus and Buffer days. He teaches to set aside a “Free” day to be solely for rest, relaxation and play. “Focus” days are devoted to one project, and one project only (like the book you want to write, perhaps.) Then there’s “Buffer” days where you take care of all the little things so that your Focus and Free days are used as they’re intended to be.

However…I haven’t found that devoting an entire day for each area works for everyone. It depends on your season of life and your stage of business.

Yet I firmly believe the strategy is sound. We just need to adapt it into time blocks.

When you batch your work, you can devote time to focus. And you can batch those miscellaneous tasks into a buffer batch.

And when it’s time for you to be off…be free! Honor that block of time too.

So what are you going to batch first?

Since you’re reading this post, why don’t you get the rest of your internet-surfin’ out of your system (you can batch that too!) and then identify some other areas that you need to batch. Get them on the calendar and let me know how much more productive and focused you feel!

To making the most effective use of time so there’s more for what matters most…


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