A Simple Email Hack to Save You HOURS

After the accident two months ago that left me with a concussion, the doctors prescribed “complete brain rest,” which apparently involves lying in bed staring at the ceiling. As you might imagine, I’ve not done that so well…lying around doing nothing sounds fabulous until you are forced to do it! But the last few days, I’ve found myself on “brain rest” as I’ve laid in bed at night, unable to sleep, staring at the ceiling. It’s a more recent symptom of the rather ambiguous, and disruptive, post-concussion syndrome that I’m still dealing with. And to be real, it can’t possibly have been complete brain rest, as my brain would not stop thinking. As it turns out though, it’s great for new ideas, and that’s where I realized that you could benefit from this too!

As I was lying there unable to sleep, I was thinking about how I welcome new people who sign up for the BizFarmer VIP list. The very first email I send to welcome new VIPs has an excellent open rate. But when it comes to the weekly blog post I share with you, my email open rates are just average.

And being the over-achiever that I am, I don’t like to settle for average.

There are a number of factors no doubt, but two immediately come to mind.

One Simple Question To Help You Sell More

Starbucks has rolled out their red cups so I guess it’s official, right? The holiday season has begun. (And I love it!) But it’s also the time of year where we’re assaulted with offers everywhere we look. Everybody’s eager to sell, something.

weedezign / Shutterstock.com

Image courtesy Weedezign / Shutterstock.com

And whether you’re hoping to make some extra holiday sales in the next two months, or you’d like to just sell anything, anytime, there’s one question I want you to ask yourself, as you make your sales pitch.

“So what!?”

I’ll explain.

Are You Paying Attention?

Two Areas You Can't Afford to Ignore

When you wear all the hats in your biz, it’s easy to overlook or ignore some things. And for some areas, that’s okay. But you simply can’t afford to ignore these two areas; doing so will cripple your business. Click play to discover what you’ve got to pay attention to. And as a bonus, I’ll tell you about my favorite new tool!

If You Speak, You Should SCORRE

I could talk about it in my sleep. I knew the content inside and out and had discussed it countless times in my day to day job. That night though, I was terribly nervous. With clammy hands, a sick feeling in my stomach and my heart racing, I stepped up to present my five-minute speech to my small group.

It was over three minutes later. I’d survived (the eight people in my small audience did too), but it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t dynamic. It wasn’t powerful. I’d spoken so fast you’d have thought I was an auctioneer. I wandered randomly as I was speaking and when I did hold still momentarily, I’d cross my legs (while standing!) or wiggle my feet. I have no idea what my hands were doing.

That was the first night of the SCORRE Conference. In the three days to follow, I learned not only an incredible process by which to create high-impact messages, but the means by which to deliver the message with confidence and power.

Whether or not you share my trepidation about speaking in front of people, if you are a leader or have anything to say there are two reasons you simply must learn the SCORRE method.