The Reason You Never Have Enough

Three Secrets to Living a Life of Abundance

We’re just wrapping week three in The Boardroom, and things are taking a bit of an unexpected twist. It’s so much fun! (That’s not the unexpected part.) To my surprise, I ended up with a couple pastors in the program. Which I think is awesome. And as I created a one-off lesson for them, this week, I was compelled to challenge you with one aspect of it as well. If you’ve ever felt that you just never have enough…or you have just enough…or you pay attention to how much you have at all…this is probably why. 

Let me back up.  You might not expect it, but there are many similarities between growing a business and growing a church. And the church…well, it has the most important message and benefit to offer of any organization.

In the lesson for the pastoral Boardroom members, I encouraged them to give a free gift to first-time visitors, as a way to delight visitors. And I encouraged them to not become concerned with people “taking advantage” of the free gift.

Because when operating from a tight budget, it’s easy to get concerned about what things cost.

Whether you’re a church that’s giving away a gift to delight first-time guests, or you’re a business giving away valuable content in an effort to help your audience know, like and trust you….you may struggle with this too.

Can I afford to give this away?

My question to you would be…can you afford NOT to?

FREEDOM – Does It Really Matter?

As those of us here in the U.S. get ready to celebrate Independence Day, I have a challenge for you. But first, I must say…if you or your loved ones have or are serving to protect our country…THANK YOU! We are truly blessed to live in this country and I’m glad we get to celebrate this weekend.

Freedom is a gift. We should not take it for granted, and we must be sure to use it wisely.

But in a sense, many of us aren’t free. We’re slaves to our job, business, kids’ sports schedules, our phones, perhaps TV shows…and probably a lot more, but you get the idea. These other things have taken hold and been granted ownership over our lives. We’re left spinning in the pursuit of everything, barely able to catch a breath. Even our vacations are so full that we typically need a vacation to recover from the last one.

Have you noticed that anymore, being “busy” is often celebrated as a sign of importance?

How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Today as I write you, it’s a gorgeous 67 degrees outside. The birds are chirping, the trees are even starting to bud. Whether it’s spring fever distracting you or the wearing of numerous hats in your business, it can be hard to focus on and do what’s most truly important, that will make the greatest impact in your business.

Recently two of my friends were struggling with this, not sure of how to spend their time to make big strides forward. They weren’t lacking for things to do, but prioritizing them and actually executing on the plan was a challenge. It really helped them to see my simple yet strategic way of scheduling my week. I thought it might help you too. 

Why I Quit My Dream Job

On a Sunday evening in July 2006, I boarded a red-eye flight to Boston, where the following day I would officially begin work for the Microsoft Financing program. There was no better way to start than jumping in with both feet at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, with some 15k-ish partners and Microsoft employees in attendance.

At the time I was employed by De Lage Landen, the most highly rated privately held bank in the world. I worked exclusively for the Microsoft Financing (MSF) program and saw success quickly.

Fast forward a few years and Microsoft switched bank providers but kept me with the program, employed through CIT Tech and then with PNC Financial Services.

During this time I took on first, expanded responsibilities and then, new roles – and in the midst of it, my husband and I had our first child, a baby girl.

That changed things.