An Unexpected Lesson From the Powerball

Headlines are screaming it, social media memes are being made, wish lists are being created…and possibly, life savings are being lost. You don’t have to go far to hear about the lottery that’s now up to a staggering one and a half billion dollar jackpot. Incredible, isn’t it? But whether you’re scoffing at the dreamers, counting down the minutes until the next drawing, or you’re somewhere in between, there’s a simple lesson each one of us can learn from the Powerball mania that some might say is sweeping our nation.

Last week we had our monthly board meeting with the members in the Boardroom. As you might expect at the beginning of the year, I challenged them to set their goals for the year and make a plan to actually follow through. But there’s one thing I like to do at this time of year that many others overlook.

In addition to setting goals to be conquered in the current year, it’s a good practice to take some time to dream big.

Really big.

Outrageously big.

Because when else are you going to do it?

If you can’t first come up with the dream, you don’t have a chance at seeing that dream become a reality.

But if you’re like me the first time I was introduced to this idea of outrageously big dreams, you’re going to struggle to come up with some. It helped me then to use Tim Ferriss’ strategy of identifying something you wish you could have, could do or could be.

I wish I could have a cabin in the mountains big enough for my extended family and my friends to visit.

I wish I could spend the entire month of January in Hawaii (or another tropical location)…every year.

I wish I could start a kids’ running club network in the local schools.

What does all of this have to do with the ridiculous Powerball jackpot?

Are You Good Enough?

About two months ago, I wrote a post that I was pretty nervous about sharing. I prefer to be the encouraging, supportive, “you can do it!” coach rather than calling someone out for the reasons that what they’re aspiring to is never going to happen. I went with it though, because I knew it could be a catalyst to propel you forward into your dream.

It’s turned out to be hugely popular, perhaps one of my most popular ever. In it I highlight five common reasons that the dream you’re chasing is never going to become reality, and challenge you to overcome each one. But I continue to see the recurring trends, and it’s still paining me to see it. So I’m here today to offer you some more encouragement in one particular area. Odds are, you’re still struggling with this. 

Is This Holding You Back?

The Secret Question to Finding Clarity and Focus

There’s a crippling trend that I’m seeing on an ever-increasing basis. It latches on to your ankles and slows you down…holds you back…sometimes even pulls you backward. It spins you around until you don’t know which way is up, you have no idea what you’re working so hard for, and then you finally start to ask yourself…what is the point of all this?

WHAT are you doing?

For lack of a better term, I call it the busy monster. And I can’t help but wonder if one of these days we’re all going to revert, by choice, to a lifestyle of decades past. Sitting on the front porch as you enjoy the sunset, actually stopping to talk with your neighbors when you’re out to get the (snail) mail.

But for now, it’s a battle facing each of us. Family, friends, work, quite possibly work plus a side business, church, kids, sports, sickness, exercise, media, social media…

How on earth are you supposed to manage it all?

Five Reasons It’s Never Gonna Happen

And What To Do About It, Of Course!

This is a painful post for me to write. I think the best of everyone and like to focus on the positive. As you might imagine, I’m an optimist. But the glass isn’t just half full…it’s half full and there’s an overflowing pitcher next to it with a faucet behind it, just waiting to be turned on.

I also don’t like to “call people out.” But these scenarios are literally hurting my heart and I can’t stand it any longer.

Here’s the deal. I know of too many people who have great potential to make a significant impact in the lives of others and grow a profitable business, but they’re struggling to make forward progress. Or any progress. 

Will 2015 Be Better Than 2014?

Today I’m going to share with you a practice that we did very well in the corporate world, but that most small business owners don’t make time for. But it’s critical to the growth of your business. So…slow down for just a minute, watch this video…and really think about this.

Amazing New Year

As we wrapped up the year, I was excited to send my Biz Farmer friends a quick recap and sneak peek into the coming year. At the same time, I realized they might also benefit from seeing the process I’ve recently gone through, to review the year as well as dream big and plan for the new year. It’s not exactly related to growing your business, although it’s part of it…but intentional living is important to me as well as (maybe more so) than intentional business growth.

You can grab a free copy of my Dreams and Plans for An Amazing New Yearhere.

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Happy New Year!

Priority. (One, not Many)

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse… (at least, there’d better not be any mice, stirring or not!)

And…ok, “not stirring” might be a stretch, since I’m writing beside the crackling gas fire and my delightful daughter is reading (she’s seven now but that she can truly read still amazes me).

Bottom line, it’s quiet. A very relaxed, happy, quiet. And I love it.

…don’t get me wrong…I love fun and noise too, and tomorrow will have plenty of it as we host Thanksgiving dinner for fourteen (including two one-year olds, two three-year olds and the aforementioned seven-year old). That’s going to be awesome, too.

But the lack of “busy” and any sort of pressure is what I’m loving most. Am I the only one who wants more days like this? 

How Much is Enough?

Last month I learned that a gentleman I work with recently had a heart attack after an incredibly busy, stress-filled month. The doctor said it was truly caused by stress. (He did survive, thankfully!) It’s just not worth it.

As I shared with you in this post, actually enjoying the life you’re living is very important to me. It can be hard to balance, whether you’re an ambitious entrepreneur or employee, with so many opportunities and so much to do to achieve  your goals.

Today I want to share a story with you that perfectly captures the vision I have for each and every one of us…whether we’re in the corporate or entrepreneurial world (or both!) (author unknown)