Are You Having Fun Yet?

Two weeks from today I’ll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of BizFarmer. Lately I’ve been struggling a lot as to what to do with Biz Farmer, because my new corporate job has threatened to consume everything. (Note: This is not a complaint. I love my day-job, it’s an incredible opportunity and I do enjoy it. I am blessed).

The reality is though that I’m adjusting to the time it demands –or that I want to give it. At the same time, my passion and heart for serving and adding value, doing something that can actually impact people’s lives…that lies with BizFarmer.

After starting my new job, I tried to immediately master it while keeping up with my Biz Farmer pace from last year. It worked, but one day recently, I realized, I wasn’t having fun. I had created a life full of things I “had” to do – not because anybody else told me I had to, only because I was pushing myself.

I often think back to the summer of 2011, which is my favorite summer to-date (and it’s not because I was hugely pregnant, hot and uncomfortable!) That summer I had a lot of margin. Space. Flexibility. Downtime. Quantity time and quality time with my friends and family. I realized…

I want to be intentional about enjoying life, not just “living.”

And I think you might want to, too. 

I started BizFarmer because I saw friends and local business owners working their tails off –with no time to have fun, or, being too strapped or stressed about money to be able to let go and have fun.

There’s so much more to life than our job, whether it be working for a big corporation or working for yourself.

Today then I wanted to share a few ways that I’ve started making ‘fun’ a priority. I’m not perfect at it by any means but this has helped me balance my drive for success with my heart for truly living.

Visualize the Outcome

What do you wish your life looked like? How do you want to feel? Rather than thinking about big dreams this time, think about how you want the day-to-day of your life to play out.

I determined that I want a life that is spacious and fun. There’s more to it than that of course, I want to be adding value, serving others. But for now, what I’m doing matters less than how I’m doing it. In fact, what I’m finding, is that I am more effective in my work and relationships if I’m coming from this fun, spacious place.

Define the Outcome

What, exactly, does that vision or feeling of your day-to-day look like? It’s easy to say “I wish I wasn’t so busy,” but what does that mean? What actions can you take to really make a change in your life?

I listed out the things that make me think of fun and spaciousness. You’ll notice that there’s nothing glamorous about either list. Baby steps, my friend. Would I like a weekly massage, lunch with friends every day, exotic weekend retreats? Well yes, that would be lovely but it’s not realistic, today. This is my list where today, I can take simple but profound steps towards a more enjoyable yet impactful life.

Spaciousness sm Fun

Schedule It

How silly does that sound – schedule fun? You probably know as well as I do though, that the seemingly urgent often swallows up the truly important. If you’re going to craft your ideal life, you’ve got to not only dream and define it, you’ve got to follow through to make it happen.

So there you go – a bit more of a personal “woo-woo” view. I hope you find this helpful and it inspires you to think about how you can make small, significant changes to find greater enjoyment in your daily life!


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