Are You Buying Into The Hype?

Three Lessons From My Last Three Launches

Two months ago I launched my third online program, inviting my readers to join The Boardroom as a Charter Member. Today, I want to share with you the results of that launch, three learnings you need to consider for your business growth, and where I’m going with The Boardroom from here (get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor!) Because my original plans for The Boardroom have changed. I’m excited about it and I think you will be too.

So here’s the deal. I didn’t hit my membership goal for The Boardroom’s Charter Membership. If you want to be an optimist (I am!) we had half as many members as I’d hoped for…but a realist would say, yeah, that was actually a third.

Now, pay close attention…

The Charter Members that did join are absolute gems. Truly, they are my ideal customers and it has been a blast working with them.

And it was so much more successful than the last two online programs I’ve created. Let’s just say that the new members for those programs were…well, crickets.

Public Service Announcement: I am beyond sick of all the “experts” out there generating hype around how easy it is to build an online course and “make millions.” I just watched another one close his launch this weekend and I’m telling you…

It’s NOT that easy.

But it’s not impossible either.

So whether you’re just getting started building your business, are working on a new product – online program or not – or if you just need to revisit what exactly you are doing in your business…here are three things to consider:

#1 Understand Your Goal

Be very clear on what you want out of your business or even out of your new product. I offered my first two online programs in a hands-off manner…they were digital, on-demand, and I wouldn’t be intimately involved with the members. At the time I was still full-time in corporate, and I was concerned about being able to scale effectively.

But the thing is, I love working with people! I like asking thought-provoking questions, sharing my experience and learnings and even just listening to what my Boardroom Members are up to. It is FUN! So now I know that my offerings need to include an element of engagement with my members.

On the other hand…there is a business model that will book you solid with one-on-one clients. This model is not for me as it limits the flexibility in my schedule, it limits how many people I can serve and as a result, also limits my income potential (the first two reasons being much more important than the last.) But this model works for many, so it’s not that it’s wrong, it’s just not for me.

Whether it’s your business model, a product you’re creating or simply the next step you’re considering as you grow your business…

Be very clear on what your goal is and act accordingly.

#2 Understand Your Audience

It is amazing how often I’ve studied and taught on the importance of understanding your ideal customer, and how much I’m still learning about my own ideal customers. This is surely not a one-and-done exercise! Here are two things I learned from offering Charter Membership in The Boardroom.

My audience has limited capital, mostly because they’re in start-up mode.

My audience has limited time. They’re growing their business often while juggling full-time jobs, families and other extra-curricular activities. (Life!!)

So, of course the answer is a five-week program that they must enroll in during whatever arbitrary time I decide to open enrollment…that costs $300 (or more)…right?

Um, no.

(More on that in a minute.)

But in the meantime, be sure you’re continuously seeking to understand who your audience is and what they actually want from you.

#3 Just Do It

Oh, how I wish I’d done this sooner.

Have you ever heard of a “minimum viable product?” It’s the simplest possible product that will be useful and valuable to the intended customer.

It means starting without being perfect. Knowing that what you’re offering will provide value, and improving it based on your customers’ feedback.

It’s not creating an entire program (or product) in a vacuum and then pushing it out to the world. Which is pretty much what I did the first two times. And I’m not the only one guilty of this.

But the third time’s a charm, or at least a vast improvement, and with The Boardroom I got a lot closer. Having a pretty good idea of what my audience would benefit from, I created Charter Membership to test it and tweak it. Now I have an even better idea of how I can more effectively serve YOU! But it doesn’t end there. I’ll continue teaching, listening and tweaking, to build the most effective program that meets the needs of you and every other one of my ideal customers.

Bottom line….you’ve got to just start somewhere. Add value, test it and improve based on feedback.

So, What’s Next?

When I invited my readers to join The Boardroom as a Charter Member, I expected the $297 membership fee to be half or even a third of what it would be, the next time I opened enrollment. But like I said earlier, I learned a lot about my ideal customer and what they want.

They don’t want to…

  • Shell out a lot of cash. Every dollar counts when you’re just getting going.
  • Have one more thing on the to-do list (or one more course in your digital library).
  • Be forced to go through a program on somebody else’s timeline (life happens).

They do want to…

  • Stop spinning their wheels and actually move forward.
  • Identify the next right step to grow their business.
  • Get feedback and ideas from other people who are doing this too.
  • Discover strategies that do work to grow their business, and avoid the ones that will waste your time, energy and money.

Instead of a high-priced five week program, going forward The Boardroom is a membership program, where Members will immediately get access to the core modules that already exist, as well as new teachings, continued feedback and guidance every month….for a monthly fee that’s well less than what you spend on coffee each month (well….unless you’re a die-hard Folgers fan.)

Want to check it out? Earlybird Membership is open now, but for a limited time. One other thing I’ve learned…you need a deadline. (Don’t feel bad, so do I.) So don’t dink around. Seriously. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate but that’s the very reason you need clarity and momentum to move forward in the right direction.

Ready to make it happen?

If you’re looking for clarity, momentum, and actionable strategies to grow your business…you just need to join The Boardroom.

Can’t wait to see you in there.

To growing a business you love and making the impact you’re meant to have….