Will 2015 Be Better Than 2014?

Today I’m going to share with you a practice that we did very well in the corporate world, but that most small business owners don’t make time for. But it’s critical to the growth of your business. So…slow down for just a minute, watch this video…and really think about this.

Go ahead…push play! The video is short, and it’s a little friendlier than just reading another article.

Well if you insist on reading (that’s okay, I read faster than others talk, too)…here’s what you’d learn if you’d watched the video.

In my former corporate role, about now I’d be heads-down reviewing performance and metrics for the year-end and working on a business plan for the coming year. Microsoft’s a little different in that their new fiscal year starts on July 1. But we had a similar, in-depth mid-year review process in December-January, as well.

You’re probably on a calendar year like me, so for us, now is the time for our mid-year review.

It’s very important that you take the time to evaluate your progress for the year against the goals you set out for yourself.


If you don’t know where you’re going…you’ll end up somewhere else! Or you’ll go nowhere, just spinning in circles.

How can you do better than last year if you don’t know where you were last year, or where you need to be this year, to have improved?

Here are the action items I set forth for you in the video:

  1. Review your performance for this year against the goals you established.
  2. If you didn’t set goals this year, you should still review your performance so you know where you’re at, now.
  3. Celebrate your wins (including the “small” wins that probably are bigger wins than you think).
  4. Establish goals for the rest of this year.
  5. Make a detailed, actionable plan to accomplish those goals. Include any course corrections you may need to make, to hit your goals for the year.

It’s hard to carve out time to reflect and plan…I know. But it’s one of those things that you’ve got to make happen, so that you can take your business where you want it to go….rather than letting it drive you.

I created this worksheet for the beginning of the year…if you didn’t download it then, you can grab a copy now. It will help you review the first half of the year and set your intentions for the second half to ensure you close out the year the way you’d like to!


Then, let me know…when are you going to have your mid-year review session? Hold yourself accountable by sharing your intention on Facebook or Twitter!