Why I’m Going Offline

It's Probably Not What You Think

For the last week I’ve debated whether or not to write this post. For one, it now goes against doctor’s orders and two, well, it’s not the type of post I usually write. But I finally decided I owed it to you. You take the time to visit my site, and / or you’ve invited me into your inbox, neither of which is a privilege that I take lightly. And although I’m not conceited enough to think the world will stop spinning because my posts are going to stop momentarily, I wanted you to know that it’s happening intentionally.

As you may know, last fall I was rear-ended in a freak accident that left me with a concussion – and apparently, post-concussion syndrome, as I’ve been trying to recover ever since (long story here if you missed it).

Although numerous tests have shown that there’s no permanent damage, not a single doctor has been able to give me any sort of path to recovery besides a vague, “it just takes time.”

That is, until last week, when I visited a new (to me) doctor who actually has a specific plan that results in recovery. It involves a new medication to stop the headaches (woohoo!) therapy, and…brain rest.

“What exactly does that mean?” I asked.

To which she proceeded to type out a letter (no exaggeration!) detailing how I am to do nothing for at least the next month. No work, no screens, no reading, no movies, etc. I am to be a “slug.”

As you might imagine, coming to a screeching halt is hard for, well, probably anyone. But, after four months of what is best defined as chronic headaches and other symptoms that are not improving, I’m done. It’s got to happen. And now that someone’s actually told me that yes, if I stop I will actually get better…I’m stopping.

So with that, I am going on a super-lame vacation…it involves therapy, napping, staring at walls, adult coloring books, quiet walks, and a lot of time for prayer.

You know I’m an optimist so while I will say that yes, it’s devastating and a royal nuisance…I also am fully aware that it could be so much worse, and is for many people. I am still grateful.

I’ll be back with new biz-growing content when the doctor releases me to work. Which, she guarantees me, will happen.

Until then, stay focused, get your business out there in front of those people who need what you have to offer them…and live your life with intention!

All the best,