Are You Paying Attention?

Two Areas You Can't Afford to Ignore

When you wear all the hats in your biz, it’s easy to overlook or ignore some things. And for some areas, that’s okay. But you simply can’t afford to ignore these two areas; doing so will cripple your business. Click play to discover what you’ve got to pay attention to. And as a bonus, I’ll tell you about my favorite new tool!

While I’d much rather you take fifteen minutes and listen to the audio (you’ll get a better picture that way), if you simply can’t do so…here’s the quick overview.

Pay Attention to Your Copy

Why This Matters:

You’ve got to write in a way that resonates with your ideal customer. People buy benefits, outcomes, results…not your product or service. This is not only applicable if you write blog posts…this matters if you write anything…emails, blog posts, sales pages, social media updates, any advertising at all…

Digital Marketer explains, “Good marketing and copywriting simply articulates the move from the ‘BEFORE’ state to the ‘AFTER’ state…” and that when most businesses fail, they do so because they simply fail to articulate the movement from “before” to “after.”

Ray Edwards effectively argues that copywriting is the most effective skill in your business. In this argument, he explains that:

  • Copywriting costs nothing, but the returns can be huge
  • Copy provides strategic positioning…it either enhances or detracts from your brand. People either think more or less of you based on your copy.

Marie Forleo boldly states that, “Boring, cliché and overall sucky copy is a fully reversible condition but if left untreated, it will kill your business.”

What to Do About It:

  1. Pay attention to your copy.
  2. Become a better copywriter…start with a free class from Marie Forleo at The Copy Cure, or with Ray Edward’s free copywriting guides.
  3. Complete Digital Marketer’s “Before and After” Grid (Fair warning: the article I link to here is huge…and brilliant…but may be overwhelming if you’re not a big fan of sales and marketing. So don’t let it stress you out, focus on the Before and After grid for now. In all likelihood I’ll be talking about this in the future, as I do think it’s hugely valuable for your biz.)

Pay Attention to the Legal Stuff

Why This Matters:

Just because you don’t know about it, doesn’t make you any less liable. You’re probably not including important legal information on your website, that you are required to include. Most notably this is a privacy policy although other things may be an issue as well (like terms and conditions).

What to Do About It:

Talk to a legal resource you know, like and trust. And if you don’t have one…

Check out the awesome resources at Small Business Bodyguard! You can get a free lawyer-created checklist from Small Business Bodyguard and follow their blog. (I’ve bought Rachel’s SBB program and highly recommend it, and am also using them to to trademark BizFarmer and my hubby’s new business. Couldn’t be more pleased with their services.)

My Favorite New Tool

ScheduleOnce is brilliant for making appointments without going back and forth a million times. It also helps you block out certain times on your calendar for appointments, so you are more productive. You can customize the scheduling page with your own logo, and it’s a very clean, fresh, user-friendly interface.

Wrapping It Up

This could create a lot for you to do…but let’s start with one. Tell me, which of these resources will you explore and implement in your business, first? Share your answer on Facebook or Twitter.

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