Priority. (One, not Many)

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse… (at least, there’d better not be any mice, stirring or not!)

And…ok, “not stirring” might be a stretch, since I’m writing beside the crackling gas fire and my delightful daughter is reading (she’s seven now but that she can truly read still amazes me).

Bottom line, it’s quiet. A very relaxed, happy, quiet. And I love it.

…don’t get me wrong…I love fun and noise too, and tomorrow will have plenty of it as we host Thanksgiving dinner for fourteen (including two one-year olds, two three-year olds and the aforementioned seven-year old). That’s going to be awesome, too.

But the lack of “busy” and any sort of pressure is what I’m loving most. Am I the only one who wants more days like this? 

Next year, I’m going to have more of them. Which brings me to the point of today’s note. It seems like most people wait until after Christmas to start thinking about what they want for next year. Problem with that is it doesn’t leave you much time –to think about it or to take action and plan for it.

I’ve been thinking about it for the last couple of months, at least. We’re making some big changes next year, all of which I can’t share just yet….but I will, sooner than later!

Today I want to challenge you to spend the next month thinking about what you want for next year. Specifically as it relates to your business, I have two questions for you:

  1. What is it you love doing in your business?
  2. What is next year’s priority?

I’ll explain…

Doing what you love.

Life’s simply too short to be doing a job or running a business you don’t enjoy. And really, although some people start a business simply to make money, I strongly suspect you first got started in it because you loved what you were doing. But over time, that may have shifted as you were pulled into a multitude of directions. So go back to the beginning – what is it you love doing in your business?

What is the priority?

I read a new, fabulous book last weekend, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It’s quite possibly my new favorite (although I have a lot of favorites).

In it, author Greg McKeown explains that the word “priority” came into the English language in the 1400’s and did not have a plural form. It meant “the very first thing.” In the 1900’s, we pluralized the word and started talking about priorities. He says,

“Illogically we reasoned that by changing the word we could bend reality. Somehow we would now be able to have multiple “first” things.”

When you have multiple priorities, nothing is a priority. So for next year in your business, I challenge you to identify one priority that you can focus on throughout the year. (Or, at the least, until you’ve accomplished that priority and can then choose a new one).

I don’t think this is easy – I don’t have my one priority identified yet. I’ve got a half-dozen things that are “really important” in my business. But I’m going to be thinking on it throughout the month as well.

To the disciplined pursuit of less…but better!



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